Taco Tuesday


Taco Tuesday


Taco Tuesday is arguably the best day of the week, why not pair your delicious taco fiesta with a well balanced pack of inspirational drum samples? 

Taco Tuesday has 963 samples in it: 9 flavors of snare 3 thunderous toms 9x13 rack, 16x16 floor and a 16x18 monster floor tom. A punchy but thick 14x24 and stunning 18x22 kick drum with all samples at 3 different velocities. Whether you are a mixer or producer this pack offers a wonderful array of top shelf tones that fit in most any genre. Mangle, distort, put salsa on or use these samples as is to help create your sound! 

  • All instruments take full advantage of Trigger's multi-sample expression

  • DRT One Shot Files

  • 963 Samples in total

  • 9 Snares, 2 Kick Drums and 3 Toms

  • Multi Sampled at Multi Velocities Hard, Medium and Soft

  • Close Mics, Stereo Room Mics, Mono Room Mics, Overhead Mics, One Shot Samples and Smack Samples

  • Recored with Telefunken, Manely, AEA, and Royer mics with API Mic Pres and EQ

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