City Of Sound


City Of Sound


Recorded in one of the most famous studios in the world before it was gutted and the console removed. These drums samples share a common tonality with artists such as: Nirvana, Weezer, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and countless others. A Neve 8028 console and vintage Nuemman mics set the tone and punch. A 14x6.5 Brass Snare, 13x9 rack tom, 14x14 floor tom and a 18x22 bass drum gives you a classic studio sound to add to your recordings and mixes. Look no further than Smack Drum Samples City of Sound Pack. 

  • All instruments take full advantage of Trigger's multi-sample expression

  • DRT One Shot Files

  • 480 Samples in total 

  • 1 Snare, 1 Kick Drum,  2 Toms and Reverb Samples

  • Multi Sampled at Multi Velocities Hard, Medium and Soft 

  • Close Mics, Stereo Room Mics, Mono Room Mics, Overhead Mics, One Shot Samples, Smack Samples and Reverb Samples

  • Recored with Vintage Neumann and Coles and Telefunken mics with a Sound City’s original Neve 8028 console


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